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RDR Home Services was established just over 5 years ago. Robert Robinson considered his options after years of  gaining little satisfaction working for other companies. What came next was an easy decision. Bob seized the opportunity to single-handedly provide the services he had worked so hard to perfect. This afforded the opportunity to put his core values at the forefront of service. Quality in craft coupled with integrity is what drives Bob to provide such quality results time and time again. 

"My career in the home remodeling field really started immediately after high school. As a recent graduate I began working for a general contractor on the weekends. At the time it was simply another means of income. 


What started as a way to make some extra cash quickly turned into a life long passion. I soon learned that I felt a great sense of pride in knowing something was built with my own hands. This provided a comfort in knowing it was done well. From conception to completion, the entire process became a way to express my innate craftsmanship and ability to produce quality results.


Starting with my very first contracting job I took the time to develop my craft to the point where I am able to consistently deliver above-satisfactory results coupled with an ability to understand every clients needs.  


No detail is left unaddressed. No job is completed short of perfection. No customer is treated with anything short of integrity. I take this line of work very seriously and it is this approach that has allowed me to succeed in this industry for over 30 years."


                                                                       Bob Robinson

                                                                       Owner & Craftsman




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